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Technical solution: collection of high-definition network storage solutions

2020-05-08 20:01:26Kai Mo Rui

The storage system used in the media asset system must first solve the problem of file system sharing, multitasking access, and access efficiency. At this stage, in the application of media assets, from the location shooting materials to the composite video and audio of the studio,
  1. Media information high-definition network storage solution

  The storage system used in the media asset system must first solve the problem of file system sharing, multitasking access, and access efficiency. At this stage, in the application of media assets, from the location shooting materials to the composite video and audio of the studio, all are high-definition sources, even the original archived video materials are all based on DV, DV-COM, etc. This type of video data has a large amount of data in a single composite stream, so the overall efficiency of the storage system is particularly important.

  Part of the information is required to be shared among many video systems such as management systems, film source review systems, video acquisition, editing and broadcasting systems, and dubbing synthesis systems. Since different application systems may be hosts of multiple different operating systems, there are extremely high requirements on the common characteristics of the file system. In this media information high-definition network storage solution, independent hardware architecture, secure file system, IP open architecture, and high-speed aggregate bandwidth are mainly adopted.

  2, high-definition video surveillance storage system solutions

  After the front-end HD camera captures the video, the high-definition video signal is converted into a digital signal through the internal HD encoder and transmitted to the center through the video surveillance private network, processed by the video storage system, and stored in the Macrostor HD surveillance storage system. The request is initiated by the high-definition monitoring client terminal, and after processing by the video storage system, the video data is sent to each requesting client terminal through the video storage system to provide services.

  Due to the bandwidth requirements of the HD surveillance system and the relatively large data volume of its own video files, the interface mode adopted in the Macrostor HD surveillance storage system is the multi-link aggregation mode, so that as many front-end HD network cameras can be managed as possible.

  In a medium and large HD surveillance system, there are a huge number of cameras. Therefore, in the form of expansion, the Macrostor HD surveillance storage system adopts a building block structure, and the storage system can be added at any time. When the network bandwidth allows, it can be maximized. Storage system efficiency. Compared with the traditional video surveillance storage, the HD system has more powerful storage performance and higher requirements for the network. Each independent surveillance system cannot be expanded unlimitedly. Based on the design of the Macrostor high-definition surveillance storage system, the system scale can be effectively expanded, and performance can be improved on the premise of as few devices as possible.

  3. Large-scale HD storage cluster solution

  As a large-scale high-definition storage system, it can be applied to large-scale video websites, and it has very high performance requirements. Under the condition of multi-server cluster mode, it is required to support bandwidth operation. If an ordinary storage system is used, then the storage data exchange performance becomes a bottleneck.

  Using a high-definition cluster storage system can mainly solve the problem of large instantaneous data access in the multi-cluster server mode, and the expansion demand for the entire interactive high-definition website will be relatively strong, and there will be explosive growth in a certain period. The high-definition cluster storage system can gradually expand the capacity without changing the structure, and can be expanded without stopping the machine. The maintenance feature is extremely strong, and the demand for gradual investment and gradual expansion of the website can be perfectly solved.

  This solution has a wide range of applications. It can not only be used for large-scale high-definition online websites, but also functionally break the upload capacity limit of Internet users, and fully meet the storage needs of the explosive growth of high-definition video resources.

  4. Development trend of high-definition network video storage

  It can be seen from the history of development since the birth of HD. As a high-definition network video storage, the initial application was mainly with the development of high-definition movies and online movie resource downloads.

  In the future, a large number of high-definition video resources will continue to emerge on the Internet, and the capacity of high-definition storage will also rapidly expand. From a few or tens of TB on personal computers to hundreds of TB on movie websites, these all require professional storage systems to support . Furthermore, with the steady improvement of Internet performance and the rapid development of high-definition interactive multimedia services, now popular video interactive websites will gradually "evolve" from standard definition to high-definition era with the gradual popularization of civilian high-definition video shooting equipment. High-performance and large-capacity storage systems for storage media of this type of media will become popular and be widely used.

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