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Quality concept: excellent quality, customer trust

Interpretation: Our product quality, work quality and service quality should be based on customer satisfaction as the standard and customer trust as the goal. To win the trust of customers with excellent quality is the quality concept and quality goal of Camorui Company.

Quality policy: full participation, quality first; focus on process, focus on results; refinement and innovation, continuous improvement.

Connotation: The company must maintain the vitality of the enterprise with the best quality and the highest efficiency, and realize our promise to customers with the customer as the center.

Full participation, quality first: Establish the concept of excellence in quality and everyone is responsible. Product quality is closely related to the work of each employee. People at all levels are the foundation of the company. Only their full participation can make them a company. Product quality can be effectively guaranteed only when the benefits of the company play its talents; in process management, adhere to the principles and management methods of quality first, quality first, and quality-one-vote veto, which is the foundation of the company's survival and the way to victory.

Refinement and innovation, continuous improvement: Promote lean production and refined management; tap the potential inward, look for gaps outward, continue to innovate in management, technology, service, and mechanism; maintain continuous improvement and self-improvement actions, methods, Awareness and ability to continuously meet the needs and expectations of customers, forming an orderly mechanism.

Quality concept-customer first-a century-old foundation is the goal and vision pursued by the company.

Quality policy rules:

Adhering to the belief of "customer first, quality first", we manage quality in an all-round way, insist on continuous improvement to reduce the total cost, and meet customers' needs for quality, delivery and cost.