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Company Profile

Shenzhen Kai Mo Rui Electronic Technology Co. LTD

It is engaged in Japanese SONY FCB series products, Hikvision series products, Korean CM HD series products and Kaichuang Tuoda's own brand. The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production, sales and service of medical surgery live cameras, drone aerial photography, industrial inspection video equipment, robotic cameras, surveillance videos, video conferences, teaching recording and broadcasting, interrogation systems, and other special industry-specific integrated cameras .

The company has been committed to the development and sales of high-definition products, especially real-time high-definition image acquisition, transmission and storage based on SDI/HDMI//network IP interface. It has a strong technical team and R&D strength. High-definition all-in-one products with special functions can be customized according to the special requirements of customers (including industrial photography, macro photography, macro photography, industrial inspection, etc.).

Has accumulated rich experience in technology promotion and product sales, and at the same time has won the trust and recognition of customers with perfect system equipment and high-quality after-sales service. The company adheres to the belief and belief of "pioneering and innovative, unity and pragmatic, and integrity management". The principle of "being ethics first, educating others first" has cultivated a stable, efficient, and diligent marketing and sales team.

We firmly believe that through our own efforts and the cultivation of the market, the company's future will be more glorious; today, Kemorui Electronics will develop in harmony with security peers and customers with a long-term vision, honesty and responsibility, and adhere to the concept of "good service" , Through mature and effective marketing and management mechanisms, to achieve healthy and sustained profit growth for the company, create great value for the company, grow with all partners, share the value of growth, and contribute to the healthy development of the HD video industry and harmonious coexistence. Part of the power.

Company Culture

  • Enterprise Spirit:Pioneering, hard work, realistic and innovative
  • Core Value:Create a good prospect for enterprise development
    Create a good environment for employees to work
    reate a good product for customer needs
  • Talent Concept:Employing talents by quantity, environmental education, career retention, people-oriented
  • Operating Strategy:To be a leading and well-known manufacturer in the global polymer industry
    Make our products become mainstream products in the whole market
  • Quality Policy:Compliance with procedures and continuous improvement, aiming at zero product defects
Company Culture


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