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Application and purpose of face recognition camera

2020-05-08 17:47:57Kai Mo Rui

With the acceleration of the intelligent era, the face recognition system has been pushed to the forefront of the new era.

With the acceleration of the intelligent era, the face recognition system has been pushed to the forefront of the new era. Face recognition technology is a biometric recognition technology, which distinguishes individual organisms from the biological characteristics of the organism (generally refers to people). Now the security industry is also using its technology to help build smart cities and develop. So, what is the difference between a face recognition camera and a security surveillance camera? Today, CAMERA will analyze the difference between the two together with everyone, and hope it will be helpful to you when choosing a camera core in the future.

Face recognition is mainly used for identity recognition. Due to the rapid coverage of video surveillance, many video surveillance applications urgently need a fast identification technology in a long-distance, user-uncooperative state, in order to quickly confirm the identity of a person from a distance and realize intelligent early warning. Face recognition technology made by face recognition camera is undoubtedly the best choice for identity recognition. The use of fast face detection technology can find faces from surveillance camera images in real time and compare them with the face database in real time. Achieve rapid identification.

Security cameras are also used for safety, and are used more in urban traffic conditions and living area safety, and the two focuses are different. This is from the purpose of both.

As the name suggests, the main point of face recognition is the face. The shape of the face is very unstable. People can produce many expressions through changes in the face. The visual image of the face is also very different at different viewing angles. In addition, people Face recognition is also affected by many factors such as lighting conditions (such as day and night, indoor and outdoor, etc.), many coverings of the face (such as masks, sunglasses, hair, beards, etc.), age and other factors. In this respect, the algorithm and core processing capabilities of face recognition cameras must be higher than those of security cameras.

In summary, the two cameras are actually for completely different purposes, depending on where the user is dedicated. If you need a camera and movement, please contact Camorui's customer service number, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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